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Exclusivity and elegance

The incredible concept of your yacht

Miami Yachts Group allows you to truly experience a unique and enjoyable experience. Our goal goes beyond your needs. We think of the exclusivity, your comfort and also the sailing with great style.

Experience an authentic nautical experience with your yacht

Luxury Services

We are dedicated to maintaining first class customer service for new and used yacht buyers


Let us demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We assure you that you will get a yacht that meets the following requirements:

We found and designed your ideal yacht!

We offer a range of boats adapted to the tastes and trends of our customers.

New digital technologies and LNG hybrid propulsion for yachts

The renowned “Rolls Royce” brand introduced a new concept of a luxurious yacht, called “Crystal Blue”…

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Meet the marinas you can enjoy in Miami

With its warm temperatures throughout the year, a calm sea and turquoise waters…

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The best sightseeing tours on board

At Island Queen Cruises, you can find a variety of walks from the Miami Marine…

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